THE SENSE ORGANS: Our Link with the World by Dr. Alvin & Virginia B. Silverstein

THE SENSE ORGANS: Our Link with the World

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A simple, straightforward, sometimes skimpy introduction to the five plus senses (the Silversteins reasonably set down no arbitrary number), covering the parts and functions of the eye and ear, the operation of smell, taste, and diverse skin senses, as well as the presence of other ""inner"" senses. It's younger than the Schneider or Cosgrove books on the senses, more than roughly parallel (even in the simple experiments that are worked in along the way) to Zim's Our Senses and How They Work. Zim offers some details not covered here; the main advantage of the Silversteins' book is in its newer, less babyish, but rather textbookish format.

Pub Date: July 16th, 1971
Publisher: Prentice-Hall