CHILDREN OF THE A-BOMB by Dr. Arata-Ed. Osada


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The Testament of the Boys and Girls of Hiroshima who on August 6, 1945 ranged in age from four to twelve, written in 1951 at the time of the Seventh Year Memorial Service for its victims, indelibly nears the mind of the reader as the bright flash that day branded and changed the lives of our informants. Again and again from those sixty odd reports written by elementary, junior, senior highschool and college students arise the agonies of the A-bombing and its aftermath: the light, the fire, the people standing in their tattered flesh or stampeding to the river and quick death, those crying ""Water, water!"", the children crying ""Mother!"": then later the search for family, the slow deaths from radiation poisoning, the poverty which even now curtails school and medical care for some, the hearts still stricken with loss of parents, home, friends. From these recurrent themes comes a united view of how it was -- of past devastation that has evolved in these youngsters to a determination to live well and in peace. For adults, this is an unforgettable monument to peace: for young people, the words of their contemporaries will give a sense of shared experience and a strengthened sense of responsibility toward the future of their world.

Publisher: Putnam