YOUNG PEOPLE AND SEX by Dr. Arthur H. Cain


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The author of Young People and Drinking and Young People and Smoking offers a somewhat curious compendium of information and advice for the older teenager, curious because of his implied admiration for European and Eastern prostitutes (he scorns the ""basic inefficiency of American prostitutes today"") coupled with a strong plea for the avoidance of pre-marital and extra-marital relations -- or is this advice just for Americans at home? In a succession of frequently overlapping chapters, Dr. Cain discusses the psychological, biological and cultural aspects of sex, helping the reader to understand the attitudes of society as well as his own impulses. He is strong on pornography -- he advocates systematic exposure under controlled conditions to quell curiosity -- and weak on birth control: to find specifics on the Pill, you are directed to Planned Parenthood or your physician. This is a religiously oriented approach, intended to promote continence before marriage and satisfaction afterward, which would be more convincing as an approach, if those accomplished filles de joie were not waiting across the ocean...

Pub Date: Feb. 14th, 1966
Publisher: John Day