GOD IS REAL by Dr. Dallas F. Billington


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This book, sub-titled A Testament in the Form of an Autobiography, tells the story of the life and work and faith of the founder and pastor of the Baptist Temple in Akron, Ohio. Each step along his life's journey from his childhood in Kentucky to his present position as pastor of one of the largest Baptist churches in the world (16,000 members) is described with reference to his deep personal belief in the Bible, taken literally, and in a God who is real and who answers the prayers of those who are saved by their belief in Christ as their Saviour. It was this faith that led him into an evangelistic ministry through which he won thousands of converts. His faith enabled him to meet crises in his life such as finding the funds to build his first church in 1935, and, later, to build three others, the last being a million dollar structure seating 5000 persons. By faith he recovered from two severe heart attacks; by faith he secured permission to run the twenty-one buses to take people to church during the war--time gasoline rationing; by faith he won the cooperation of newspaper and magazine editors from his own local Akron paper to Look magazine. Through his personal contacts with people of low and high degree, through his wise and effective pastoral counselling, Dr. Billington has become widely known and deeply beloved over a wide area in the Middle West and the Southwest. No doubt his book will be eagerly sought there.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1962
Publisher: David McKay