WHY NATURAL CHILDBIRTH? by Dr. Deborah & Jean Libman Block Tanzer


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Dr. (Ph.D.) Tanzer, one of the late Abraham Maslow's students, reviews the practices and attitudes in various cultures around the world, reminds us of the combined innovations of Grantly Dick-Read's ""natural"" and Dr. Lamaze's psychoprophylactic, and surveys the infant-and-mother hazards of drugs and anesthesia. Most of her book, however, is based on her own study of 36 women who had their babies by natural vs. ""conventional"" methods -- a group large enough, she contends, to be significant. She also contends that her questioning was disinterested but the evidence never seems very rigorous. Thus at the onset of labor you will have quotations from seven Naturals, breathing out happily -- while three Conventionals are real screamers even before they get into the action. At that peak experience, the Naturals who have concentrated and coped, are euphoric and pain becomes pain-cum-joy. Husbands do contribute materially -- but then again the Natural husbands are ""positive"" while the Conventional husbands are ""negative and neutral."" The author is aware of all the general literature (viz. bibliography) as well as the increasing nation-wide participation in this method particularly over the last ten years. Certainly another book on the subject can be absorbed even if, overall, it is more supportive than innovative.

Pub Date: June 2nd, 1972
Publisher: Doubleday