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Although both Dr. Hoffman's study and Dr. Irving Bieber's Homosexuality (which appeared on this list in 1962) are based on the same methodology, case studies of over 100 homosexuals, they have very little else in common except the seriousness of their approach. In fact Dr. Hoffman dismisses Dr. Bieber's work as ""pseudo-science"" and disavows his thesis that homosexuality is an illness (and that it is treatable). He also, in discussing developmental factors, doesn't even mention the parental situation, i.e., the overwhelming mother and inoperative father, except to say that interpersonal relationships of all kinds may be influential. Upholding Kinsey's statistics (and the work of Evelyn Hooker which has been used in many of these books about homosexuals), defining homosexuality although there are immense variations thereof, indicating the social ambience bars, baths, etc., jettisoning our laws as both ""unjust and unenforceable,"" removing the label of ""the crime against nature"" by using a historico-philosophical basis of argument, Dr. Hoffman concludes with the contention that homosexuality is only a ""bad scene"" because the straight world views it as such. He presents it as a legitimate way of life. A specific, defensive study, while admitting also many of the gay world's sadder features (promiscuity, impermanence, etc.). In any case, not a popular treatment, and, here and there, arguable.

Pub Date: Sept. 1st, 1968
Publisher: Basic Books