PSYCHOLOGY YOU CAN USE by Dr. Dorothy Hazeltine Yates


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Report repeated from the August 1st bulletin, as follows: ""Combining experimental and clinical conclusions from thirty years of practising psychology, Dr. Yates launches a frontal attack on unsatisfying living by setting forth procedures for getting on with the business of living more happily. She describes the excessive suggestibility of a person in a hypnotic trance to lead into her everyday advice about 'set'- the process of practicing association with works to relax or prepare for jobs or emergencies. This use of 'set' plus a considered and productive motivation (particularly if something opposes the higher goal and must give way to it) comprise the pillars of a way of living more productively and vitally. The use of this system in military service, sports (she psychologized a boxing team into prime condition), safe driving, easy dieting is recommended and illustrated. A prod rather than a probe psychology is at work here- with the benefits of self-instigation and inspiration for those who can profit from it.

Publisher: Crowell