FOR PARENTS ONLY by Dr. Frank Richardson


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The doctor"" who has held earlier book-form consultations- For Boys Only, For Girls Only, and Teen-Agers, Young Adults, Nursing Mothers, etc. again assumes a firm moral, if not sententious, stance as he discusses broad, generic areas of child rearing; discipline versus punishment, and punishment, corporal or otherwise; eating problems and diet (no sweets); bedtime; teenagers and problems which include anything from smoking to subsidized marriage. The doctor, in actuality a North Carolina pediatrician, appears here as Dr. Gray: Dr. Gray listens ""sympathetically"", or looks ""very grave"" or smiles ""reassuringly"" as he gives answers to questions which are raised in PTA groups, or on the telephone, or in a discussion on a train. They are very basic and the audience which has articulated them seems uninformed at best, if not naive.

Pub Date: Oct. 8th, 1962
Publisher: McKay