CONSULTATION ROOM by Dr. Frederick Loomis


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In his last year at medical school, Loomis was forced to quit for financial reasons, and for ten years drifted around, jack of all trades, before he was able to go back to his profession. He completed his course, became a specialist in obstetrics, went to Southern California to start in practice. This has virtually none of the spectacular adventure type of thing, none of the homespun country doctor -- but it is right good reading nonetheless. Should fit into the market that liked the J. B. Murphy, with the emphasis on the feminine angle, as there is a lot about motherhood, babies, etc. More human interest than medicine, with some engrossing and amusing yarns. The topics involved may scare off a few -- but they shouldn't:- fatherless children, deformed babies, the problem of allowing life, sterility, impotence, bridegrooms and prospective fathers, etc. Loomis proves himself a healthy, wise influence; he talks sanely and candidly on sex, etc. Good reading.

Pub Date: Jan. 23rd, 1938
ISBN: 0548448655
Publisher: Knopf