LOVE IN MARRIAGE by Dr. Henri Gilbert


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Dr. Gilbert is a French physician and his approach to marriage, as the only institution involving a ""complete and total community of life,"" and to sex within marriage discusses various psychological, physiological and spiritual factors. As a Catholic, he naturally places the conduct of the sexual experience not only within the framework of Christian doctrine but also within that of his faith; but as a doctor one might question his indictment of contraception as ""antiphysiological"" and ""dangerous."" He rightly scores, in the present day erotogenic climate, the isolation of sex at the expense of love itself; discusses the development of sexuality in the child and adolescent (with the brain as one control of instinct); introduces the facts of the sexual experience within the context of marriage; and at some length deals with masturbation although parents will find that his recommendations for handling it (developing will power in the young) are rather nebulous. On the whole however Dr. Gilbert's advice, somewhat embedded in sonorous prose, is acceptable but particularly to those of his faith.

Pub Date: June 12th, 1964
Publisher: awthron