AND JESUS SAID:- The Master's Answer to Human Needs by Dr. Hoover Rupert
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AND JESUS SAID:- The Master's Answer to Human Needs

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When a Parish has thirty thousand college men and women in its back yard, the Pastor is really challenged. He must simultaneously speak to the average variety of Christians that can be found anywhere, and he must also speak to the inquiring, unconvinced, somewhat cynical minds of those whose campus experience may have forced them out of their spiritual depth. Dr. Hoover Rupert, who heads the Methodist Church nearest the University of Michigan, has obviously faced the challenge of presenting the Gospel to all sorts and conditions of Christians, and especially critical ones. His answer is to take great conversations of the Bible between our Lord and His friends, adversaries or beneficiaries, and by careful analysis, meditation, illustration and illumination, come to grips with what the Gospel says. Because Dr. Rupert is so relevant and the Gospel is so timeless, we are never sure whether the author is talking about ""them"" or ""us"". Sometimes Dr. Rupert is disturbing; sometimes he is soothing, but most of the time he is neither, for he makes the challenge of the Gospel so real that none can escape it, and he unfolds the wisdom of the Gospel so well that no one wants to escape it. This is just the kind of book which a seasoned, scholarly Pastor might write for the guidance of his people.

Publisher: Abingdon Press