MAN AGAINST CANCER by Dr. I. Berenblum


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The Story of Cancer Research"" is a scientist's description of this disease in non-technical terms which in its refutation of fearful assumptions and superstitions brings reassurance as well as a direct explanation. The pathology of the cancer cell and the tumor, the frequency of the disease (it is not increasing), hereditary influence (there may only be a sensitivity- and only to a specific type) and environmental factors; diagnostic procedures, which the variability and paradoxical aspects of the disease confuse; and the advantages and limitations of the only two types of treatment through which the cancer cell can be destroyed- surgery and radiation. In a second section, Dr. Berenblum traces the history of research, the factors of genetics, hormones, cancer producing agents, viruses, as well as the chemistry of cancer and the future for its eradication which depends on an agent which will completely destroy the cancer cell without damage to other tissue...... A cancer-conscious public will find the facts they need here as well as some evidence of medicine on the march.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1952
Publisher: Johns Hopkins Press