JOHN HENRY by Dr. James Cloyd Bowman
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Dr. Bowman has already given us Pecos Bill, the cowboy, and Winabojo, the Indian. Now he does the same thing for the American negro, for John Henry is part of our folk-lore. This is full of typical songs and tall tales about one of the strongest figures, both physically and morally. He came from the bayou to old Aunt Liza who brought him up with her brood of girls though it was difficult because of his gargantuan appetite, he chewed a steel drill when nothing else was around. After following his master's son into battle in the Civil War, he was given his freedom; but his girl Polly Ann had vanished and he had to find her. All through the book he searches for her, on his travels he found negroes demoralized and in case after case led them back to work with song and energy. Boys who have sung much may already know some of the John Henry songs.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1942
Publisher: Whitman