ARTHRITIS: Medical Treatment and Home Care by Dr. John H. Bland

ARTHRITIS: Medical Treatment and Home Care

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What is known about arthritis, what can be done to relieve distress in what remains a chronic, incurable disease, and what treatments- they are individualized- are available today, this is information which is supplementary to professional care. After outlining the history of the disease, its definition and its variations, Dr. Bland concentrates on the two important types-rheumatoid arthritis which is the main problem, and degenerative joint disease (often called osteoarthritis). He has no use for special diets- except a balanced one (""oil the joints"", etc.) and recommends no particular climate; he does discuss drugs (aspirin is still the most important), orthopedic management, rest, heat, massage, and specific exercises for the particular area affected.... Not the sure cure-all appeal (sham) of the Alexander Arthritis and Common Sense which found so many victims of this disease willing to buy- and buy,- but which indicated in any case the wide audience available.

Pub Date: Jan. 4th, 1960
ISBN: 1166128075
Publisher: Lippincott