THE SINGLE WOMAN by Dr. Laura Hutton


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This London physician's small book appeared originally in 1935, sold steadily through the years, and now has been revised and republished. Dr. Hutton has attempted to indicate and isolate some of the difficulties single women face- particularly in their personal relationships. The basic problem is of course loneliness, and it leads to situations and practices particularly sexual- which can only be limited in their satisfaction and of which Dr. Hutton writes with candor and without condemnation (i.e. self-stimulation; transient heterosexual affairs; homosexual relationships). In an early chapter she explains the main elements of depth psychology and she applies the principles to the discussion here which ends with a recently acquired personal testament of faith... The basic trouble here, of course, is that in these close to thirty years so much of this has been not only absorbed but accepted -- and for the audience which has never read, they have even viewed it on the home screen where the Purer hour has immortalized aspects of feminine mental health and hygiene in living color (Special for Women).

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