FEEDING OUR DOGS by Dr. Leon F. Whitney


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This is primarily a nutritional study and as such would have more interest for the breeder, kennelman and professional dog fancier than for the mere pet-owner, although there are facts and figures that would be useful to him too. For Dr. Whitney began his experiments in dehydrated food in the '30's and has added to his findings with his work during the last war and here makes available the results. He blasts some long-held notions, particularly on the danger of carbohydrates and fats, he illustrates how feeding can be inexpensive as well as scientifically correct, and health-making, and he gives detailed reports on the dog's needs as well the value of various food elements. He compares, without mentioning brand names, the ingredients of commercial products and gives formulae to be followed in making up the combination he has found best. A book for study by those more than cursorily concerned.

Publisher: Van Nostrand