WEDNESDAY'S CHILDREN by Dr. Leontine Young


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A Study of Child Neglect and Abuse"" based on some three hundred case histories shows the kind of deal that some of Wednesday's ""loving and giving"" children are getting. Dr. Young deals not only in ""profiles"" or specific situations, but also in ""patterns"" as she reconstructs some of the general outlines of behavioral conduct among parents -- those who may only be passive and indifferent, or those who may be abusive and in this instance more possessive and secretive. All however are immature, usually without any sense of responsibility toward each other as well as the children they bring up in hunger, dirt and disorder. The cases have been selected from families in various types of communities in the East and the Midwest; the social setting has been analyzed (factors of divorce, alcoholism, money, etc.); causation, a more speculative area, is touched on; and the techniques and objectives of the protective services are fully examined. Dr. Young's study of ""orphans with parents"" (Judge Polier's designation) is not only for field workers (there is an extensive appendix and bibliography) but in the sympathetic intelligence of its presentation will both appall and move others, hopefully in the right direction.

Publisher: McGraw-Hill