WOMEN AND FATIGUE by Dr. Marion Hilliard


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The woman doctor who looked ""at love and life"" in 1957 continues her broadly therapeutic type of counseling so that while fatigue factors and their very definite physical and emotional origins are explained, more general stress situations are also discussed (i.e.- the too young marriage; aging; drinking; etc.). While adolescence, pregnancy and the menopause are the periods in which fatigue are inevitable- many women (the mother of young children; the working wife and mother; etc., etc.) are always tired and this can manifest itself in many ways and ruin the ""emotional tone"" of family life. A few countermeasures are indicated; the right foods rather than more calories; definite periods of rest; and a change of pace. Dr. Hilliard draws on many instances from her own practice to personalize the points made. Her first book seems to have been distributed widely, and there will be those to find its successor both comforting and bracing.

Publisher: Doubleday