LOOKING AT MY HEART by Dr. Philip Blaiberg


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Dr. Blaiberg, Professor Barnard of Johannesburg's second and longest surviving transplant, tells his own story in somewhat greater detail than it has had in all its worldwide, klieg-lit coverage. Following the incidentals of his earlier life, marriage, and practice as a London-trained dentist, comes the first severe coronary at 45, to be followed 12 years later by a collapse with a second, grim prognosis. The 74 antiseptically sealed-off days following the operation are recorded in detail; his return home; and the recent threat seemingly averted when he came down with hepatitis. Some grateful sentiment to be sure, but on the whole this is far less self-indulgent, more clinical, interesting and reassuring than Yehuda Kesten's A Heart Patient's Diary (McGraw-Hill, p. 1018).

Pub Date: Dec. 16th, 1968
Publisher: Stein & Day