GOD'S GAMBLER by Dr. R. Frederick West


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Dr. West is the Pastor of St. Paul's Christian Church, Raleigh, North Carolina and this is a fairly close running record of his collaboration with Bruce Garner's ""struggle for faith in God and a new life"". Bruce Garner was one of the last Kings of the Underworld who died in 1961 but in the four years before that had turned to Dr. West as a ""gambler and a crossreader"" for help, aware not only of his criminal derelictions but also that he was ""mean, foul, evil and vulgar"", often beating the wife he loved. For two years he wavered before conversion and only after Dr. West's own difficulties (his files were stolen; his ministry threatened) did he accept a faith which would help him through the next two years of critical illness, physical and emotional pain..... A quod erat demonstrandum of a practical, workable Christianity at the lowest level of the human condition, inspirational in its value and appeal.

Pub Date: Jan. 27th, 1963
Publisher: Prentice-Hall