WHY WAR CAME IN KOREA by Dr. Robert T. Oliver


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As counsellor to the Korean Commission in Washington and the Korean delegation in Paris and Lake Success; as manager of the Korean Pacific Press, and friend and adviser to President Syngman Rhee, Dr. Oliver speaks with authority as well as affection for the Koreans. For seven years he has played a Cassandra role, and a summary of extracts from his writings in various international journals, bears evidence of his alert awareness of the problems and their probable outcome in war. Into its 260 pages, this book packs an enormous amount of pertinent information, cogently reasoned and concisely expressed. At its close, the reader feels that he has, for perhaps the first time, a sense of understanding the people, their history and background, their country's role in the ferment of Asia, the causes leading up to the inevitability of a clash with Communism on the battleground of Korea. An essential for the informed world citizen, who wants to understand the issues and the stake. The McCune book (Harvard University Press)- Korea Today may provide more source material, but it is less useful in interpreting the situation to the average reader; much of it seems- in light of today's events- to ""date""; and there is too little given to the analysis of the tragic ineffectualness and lack of realism in the American occupation and its aftermath.

Publisher: Fordham Univ. Press