THE YEARS AFTER FIFTY by Dr. Wingate M. Johnson


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The title is more enticing than the text. There is nothing of the inspirational quality of Walter Pitkin's Best Years (1946) or Ralph Barton Perry's entertaining and provocative Plea for an Age Movement (1942) -- or even the classic Adventures in Contentment by David Grayson. This is a dry as dust survey of the accented changes, physical and mental, of the bugaboos (under which he includes cancer, loss of sexual vigor, economic insecurity and death), and the ills that age is heir to. There's plenty of commonsense advice on taking high blood pressure as a warning, not a disease, on dietary fads and fancies. He urges ""better care and better driving of the living machine, provided by our growing understanding"". Dullish.

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1947
Publisher: Whittlesey