THE RED DOE by Drayton Mayrant


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Against the exploits of Francis Marion and the work of his mobile brigade for the Continental cause is told the story of Lax Mourne from the high hills of Santee. Lex planned to marry Sally, saw Peggy through romantic eyes and found out later that his heart really belonged to Fire, Peggy's twin. The surrender of Charles Town and a meeting with Marion, hiding out from the British and recruiting for his guerrillas, was a cause for his enlisting and his adventures with the Swamp Fox' little band follow the historical line. But Lex wanted a fine saddle horse and all the raids netted him nothing near his heart's (which was the property of Leutenant Evelyn Fay, a British regular) until an assignment delivered him into Fay's hands and, escaping, he made away with a filly of the Red Doe strain, Flame. He finally won Fire, almost through Flame, for Fay's hunt for his horse caused a showdown. The years of harrying the regular and Tory troops, the lack of ammunition and horses, the victory and retreat, the surprise and havoc that Marion made use of, the going and coming of the irregular forces, the skirmishes and signal battles -- all are a pat for a hunting and woodsman's military -- and romantic -- career. A Sword From The Running Thread, First The Blade. Courage Is Not Given have proved this author's qualities and this underlines his historical feeling in its account of the im- and of Marion's lone wolf plays. Satisfying.

Pub Date: Oct. 26th, 1953
Publisher: Appleton-Century-Crofts