DAY OF THE PAINTER by Duard G. Slattery


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A very grown up story about a painter who starts his day by reading a grown-up newspaper (the stock market quotations) to find out how much money he has, then takes his paints out to the dock and throws them, drips them, pours them, splashes them on the canvas in the mud below because he's an ABSTRACT EXPRESSIONIST. He walks on the canvas, shoots it (with a gun), cuts it into abstract shapes, and awaits the art dealer who flies in every day to make his selection; pocketing a large sum, the painter throws the remaining panels out to sea. This is his day, every day--painting more pictures, making more money, checking his earnings in the grown-up newspaper. The book was adapted from a film -- for Dow-Jones averages?

Pub Date: Oct. 10th, 1967
Publisher: Lion