TAYLORS GUT by Dudley Cammett Lunt


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Belly case title to the contrary, this is not an adult Western, but a gentleman-hunter and nature-happy sojourn in the still fairly pristine land of Delaware. A ""gut"" is a small sall creek, and Taylors G. is a small tidal inlet off Delaware Bay, recently altered happily by engineers to produce a salt water pond. Mr. Lunt, whose two previous books dealt with the wild life of Maine and Delaware, ambles on pleasantly about pond and marsh fauna, observing (and decorously drawing a bead on) the geese and ducks who frequent the pond. On one of his rambles, he cruises the Delaware River, and has a few fierce conservationist words to say about the ravishing of swamps and natural vistas by oil companies. There is also an invigorating wild duck recipe included, with bastings following the bang of a time. (3 bangs 3 bastings at 425°; 1 bang, 1 basting at 375°, etc.) Huntsman-haven doings, a bit pompous but mildly pleasurable.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1968
Publisher: Knopf