SIN COMES OF AGE by Duncan E. Littlefair


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Dr. Littlefair, who's lately gained national exposure--a write-up in Time, an appearance on Today--has been minister of Grand Rapids' Fountain Street Church for over thirty years. A freethinking Christian humanist in the heartland of religious conservatism, he built up a following through the practicality and compassion of his preaching and counseling. This, his second book, is based on his sermons, and it offers a flexible, naturalistic understanding of the dynamics of sin and salvation. For Littlefair, sin is whatever impedes the creative process at work in the world, and salvation is the human enterprise of becoming one with God's evolution. He thinks that the deadly sins vary with time and place, and he supplies a current catalog: ignorance, arrogance, greed, violence, dishonesty, indifference, and idolatry. His ultraliberal interpretation of Christianity and penchant for religious syncretism won't sit easily with more orthodox believers, but even they will feel the appeal of his forthrightness and warm feeling for mankind. Philip Buchen, counsel to President Ford, supplies a foreword and was instrumental in the book's publication; perhaps through him its high-minded guidance will contribute to a new ethical atmosphere in the White House.

Pub Date: Nov. 17th, 1975
Publisher: Westminster