MOJAVE JOE by Dustin C. Scott


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The story of a coyote, a coyote that caused depredations in barnyards but that now and again intervened to aid the humans he had accepted- at long range- as friends. There was the time he saved young Mel from the attack of a mad dog, at the risk of his own life; there was the time he killed the rattler that threatened Jimmy and struck the bitch, Nellie. And then Joe is stolen and shipped 2000 miles to an Ohio zoo. The story of his incredible homeward trek, and of the female travelling mate he collected en route, makes a first rate animal yarn, though the might-be-true adventures as he braved the round of seasons, learned to forage on highways and in cities, took his mate's lead across man-made bridges, and solved the problem of the Mississippi by heading for the North and ice- seem to pull the long bow. However, cats and dogs have done it -- so why not coyotes, to whom the unmarked trail might be more possible than to domesticated animals.

Pub Date: Sept. 11th, 1950
Publisher: Knopf