DRIVERS UP: The Story of American Harness Racing by Dwight Akers

DRIVERS UP: The Story of American Harness Racing

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From old newspapers, horse journals, books, the author has reconstructed the history of American light-harness racing, a sport inherited from England but which, after the Revolution, became a new and wholly American sport. The stories of famous trotters, breeds, trainers, owners goes hand-in-hand with the evolution of the sport, improvements of vehicles, tracks, etc. The sport centered in Orange Country, but due to the circuitizing of famous trotters it became wholly national -- and Kentucky, Tennessee, and California contributed their share of horses and races. Famous episodes -- such as the Vanderbilt-Bonner rivalry -- famous horses -- Dexter, Messenger, Flora Temple, Goldsmith Maid, Greyhound -- up to today, with women drivers, etc. I think the interest is primarily racing fans, as there is quite a good bit of technical material, breeds, speeds, that sort of thing, and it is a very thorough piece of work.

Publisher: Putnam-Minton, Balch