YOUNG TURKEY by Dwight Akers


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The story is a good one, but it is overbalanced by the scholarship, in an ambitious attempt to bring alive the culture of the Lenape Indians before the coming of the white men. Only the thoughtful, mature youngsters will be able to hold the line of the story, as Young Turkey, responsible for the death of a rattlesnake, is plunged into a series of dreams, visions and adventures, as he and his tribe struggled to avert the dire consequences. Every animal is imbued with an inner spirit that can mean life or death of the tribe. The book deals with the magic practices, the mysteries of Young Turkey's tribal lore. Through the process and the ordeals, he proves himself worthy of leadership. Curious drawings catch the mixed natural and supernatural qualities of the tale. By the author of Sleepy Tom and The King's Mute- a book that makes a contribution to background reading; but I question boys' staying with it.

Pub Date: May 30th, 1947
Publisher: Putnam