FOOTPRINTS IN THE DUST by Dwight G. Stauffer


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A strangely constructed old truck, a lobster trap set too far from shore, a cap door and fresh footprints in a long deserted dance hall -- are the primary clues which lead to the solution of an old, and a new mystery. Tommy and his younger sister Manni hear stories about a gang of Prohibition period rum smugglers which had never been caught. The two become intrigued with the idea of discovering where in their Maine sea-cost village the loot could have been hidden. By piecing together the various scraps of evidence they not only find the spot where the rum had been hidden, but also uncover the activities of a freshly organised group of smugglers. The mystery is logical and the clues all fit together, although much of the sleuthing is dependent on Manni's sense of intuition. None of the elements of this story are original, but they are well-reasoned and, all together, make for several moments of quite suspenseful reading.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1964
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls