JOY RIDE by Dwight Taylor


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The son of Laurette Taylor warms himself before the glow of the '20's in recall of moments and people that made them memorable. He tells of his meetings with Elinor Wylie, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Lindbergh (for whom a secret dinner was given), Dreiser, Broun; of his trembling encounters with Ross of The New Yorker; of being saved from shipboard sharpers by Maugham; of watching Osbert Sitwell repay rudeness with condescension. There's a story of an omnipresent window washer, of the woman who loved Gerald Chapman, of a man in love with planes, of gangsters, and Harlem, and parties and work have their place in the picture. Under the sparkle and the rosy clouds of living then and there, is the undeniable regret and sadness that it all is yesteryear now. For today's sober -- which was the wild-generation of that era- this should bring back a whole atmosphere -- with loving touches.

Pub Date: May 12th, 1959
Publisher: Putnam