NIGHT OF FLAME by Dyson Carter


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Exceedingly well done, the inner life of a great city hospital, but too realistic and too harrowing in its physical, emotional and psychological details to be classed as simply another good doctor's story. Don't sell it to the conservatives. It's exceedingly Freudian in both implication and application. But, for those who can take it, this is the story of Dr. Gerard Stevens who was himself wholly in his gical work in the overcrowded ""East Five"" and who, outside of his work, was more than a Don Juan and something of a fascinating rotter. Cross-sectioning his story are many interesting currents, the story of the night supervisor who found love too late, of the young nurse who came to love through passion, of the other nurse who wrecked her life because of an old love, and others. The story builds up to an extraordinary in a fire which guts the whole ""East Five"".

Pub Date: May 15th, 1942
Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock