BIBLE THERAPY by E. C. & C. R. Bollman Wittman


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Gideon Bibles used to have a back page composed on the order of ""If you are worried read Exodus 1:2. If you face temptation read Mark 3:4"" and so on. This book is an extension of that page. The two (women) authors assume that the Bible has the answer to everyone's needs if only they could locate it. So the 31 chapters carry headings like ""Aging and Old Age,"" ""Depression and Despair,"" ""Envy,"" and ""Insecurity,"" and the content consists of Bible quotations of varying length linked by comment from the authors. Their approach is fundamentalist: ""Is the Bible old fashioned? Does it contain scientific error. No. . . the Egyptians and the Babylonians did have their own scientific interpretation but the Bible does not print these errors."" The allocation of Bible material to topics is sometimes strange. The familiar passage in Ephesians 4 on the variety of gifts in the Church but its unity in one body is printed under ""Alcoholism and Addiction"" to indicate that God loves us despite our faults. The book's strength is that the authors know the whole of the Bible and not just the celebrated passages. They come up with some wonderful unfamiliar pieces. And who cannot profitably be reminded, ""Rejoice not when thy enemy falleth and let not thy heart be glad when he stumbleth."" (See ""Anger and Resentment."") On balance, a useful book but likely to be read only by those who share the authors' point of view.

Pub Date: Jan. 1st, 1977
Publisher: Simon & Schuster