ALEXANDRA by E. E. P. Tisdall


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Queen Victoria overshadows the life story of the Danish Princess Alix, and her long years as Princess of Wales but never subdues her lively, vivid personality. In this rather cozy biography is a parade of many little incidents, along with the chronological events and impress of national and international affairs, which gives it an intimate atmosphere. Bertie, incorrigible but likeable and earning respect in spite of being ignored by his mother; the Queen, trailing her gloom and pampering the heartily disliked John Brown; Alix, making friends and winning hearts; the years of travel, visits to relatives in Russia, Greece and Germany; the veering of public opinion when Bertie was near death; life at Marlborough House and Sandringham; the scandals that involved but did not injure Bertie; this is the long approach to the Edwardian years. The coronation postponed because of Bertie's appendectomy; the growing distaste for the young Kaiser; the deepening of Bertie's sharper characteristics and Alix' years of widowhood complete the picture. This makes the most of royal glamor but balances the stately with the many personal anecdotes and reflects a charming rather than a regal woman.

Publisher: John Day