DODO by E. F. Benson


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Following the recent flurry of interest in the revival of Benson's giddy Lucia books (see Make Way for Lucia, 1977), here is another threesome of novels frugally packaged: the Victorian/Edwardian/Georgian saga of Dorothea ""Dodo"" Vane and her offspring. It's unlikely that fans of Lucia will flock to these earlier books--Dodo, Dodo the Second, and Dodo Wonders. This is much quieter work, graced with Bensonian ironies and eccentricities in its sweep of London and county society, but asking to be taken quite seriously in its sharp view of upper-class and upper-middle-class shallowness. Cheeky best-sellers in their turn-of-the-century day, still admirable for their piquancy, and of undeniable literary/social historical significance--but, unlike dippy Lucia, hardly the stuff that cults are made of.

Pub Date: Nov. 29th, 1978
ISBN: 115079982X
Publisher: T. Y. Crowell