AUGUSTO: Augustus by E. Fabietti
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AUGUSTO: Augustus

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A thoroughly comprehensive yet vivid history of the Roman Empire from 63 B. C. through the 13th century which not only recaptures the spirit of days gone by but makes one feel that he is reading a newspaper of that time, a detailed chronicle of then current events. The rise of Julius Caesar, his assassination, the succession of intrigues in the stories of Octavius, Anthony and Cleopatra, etc., leading up to the reign of Augustus. The author dwells particularly on this epoch in which various famous characters such as Virgil, Ovid, King Herod, are introduced. The scene shifts to foreign countries and Germany's subordination to Rome and subsequent rebellion are witnessed. The portrait of Augustus, the builder of the Republic and custodian of peace whenever possible, is striking. A careful piece of work which is devoid of fictionalizing, detailed, and valuable for permanent reference.

Publisher: Ed. A. Barion