CYBERNAUT: A Space Poem by E. G. Valens


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Dali-esque horizon on graph paper jacket. . . voyage to The Great Between. . . Operation Christopher (Nina II). . . allusive (""They shot this arrow/ In the air. It fell/ Nowhere."") . . . ""the essential somethings"" -- protein, music, books, a can of prayers, and ""one white plastic pillboxful of instant fantasy"". . . some rhyme, some reason. . . womby tomby images and computerease -- ""The one and only/ Wholly wholly wholly/ Rational/ Animal"". . . to the teenage rhythm -- ""the black leather jacket of the universe"" & ""I hear the greening of the grass"". . . the Everblack -- ""Can the searcher in the ring/ Survive the round"". . . return, rebirth -- ""the time has come/ For the prodigal son/ To call home person-to-person/ Collect"" . . . Mother calling Nina II. . . ""They close in/ These gifted mothers. . . They drag it from me Bit/ By binary bit"". . . Is he insane. . . ""There is a certain choking/ Need for air that bears/ The beat of birdwinds/ Lest the rose unblossom/ And the wind unblow."" Being in nothingness compounded into cybernaut-y imagery, marginal poetry.

Pub Date: Sept. 30th, 1968
Publisher: Viking