YOUR CITY by E. L. Thorndike


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A statistical and sociological analysis of 300 American cities, summarizing results, and pooling information. There is no attempt to present studies of the individual cities, no presentation of the human side of the picture. But in the results, the main factors that should be considered in analyzing any city are brought clearly into relief. Points of variation, livability, racial distribution, comfort, educational facilities, recreational resources, health, wage levels, living costs, social and economic factors -- all are presented with correlation and interrelation of figures and data. Other aspects of study, -- home ownership, church membership, municipal ownership, suburban sections, availability and accuracy of records, statistics and facts, all these help build background for a 10-item yardstick, by which the interested individual or organization can study the home city, or by which an industry can analyze possible localities for future development. A reference book, for specialized market.

Publisher: Harcourt, Brace