GRAND SLAM: Thirteen Great Bridge Stories by E. R. & James Edwards--Eds. Cole

GRAND SLAM: Thirteen Great Bridge Stories

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Except for a wisp of a story by Sally Benson which is like one club passed out, most of these lead away from kings and you can sort of divide the collection between stories which are about bridge, and bridge hands in the form of stories. The latter are by people whose names you probably won't know and from periodicals such as The Bridge World which is for those who can count out a hand--all 52 cards. The others include one by Somerset Maugham about ""The Three Fat Women of Antibes"" joined by a fourth who wins their money along with eating their food; Ring Lardner's socially snubbing ""Contract""; Roald Dahl's ""My Lady Love, My Dove"" about two conscienceless couples; and surely you won't have forgotten James Bond's coup of a hand from Moonraker. All in all, most entertaining--the equivalent of an evening when the cards are running for you.

Pub Date: June 27th, 1975
Publisher: Putnam