RANDOM CASTS by E. V. Connett


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Publisher turns author, fish analyst or what have you, anyway our publisher is on firm ground with a favorite topic so here's how to catch bigger and better trout in bigger and fuller baskets. Here's the psychology necessary to a more or less complete understanding of the trout's point of view. Chapters on flies, dry and wet, nymphs and their dressing, sixteen chapters on the angler's side of the story and nine on the trout's. But for all its informative material the readability has not suffered. There are plenty of stories, fish stories, tall tales and angling incidents peopled by well known names like those of La Branche, Hewitt, etc. The book is meant to supplement the author's previous books, Any Luck and Fishing A Trout Stream, so that, those who have the books will certainly want this and perhaps you can make plus sales of the earlier volumes to purchasers of Random Casts.

Publisher: Derrydale