SYLVIA by E. V. Cunningham


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Sylvia is the face in the picture (another Laura-lei) with whom private investigator Alan Macklin falls in love, when he is asked in to fill in the facts in her life by the rich man she is to marry- Frederick Summers. With no knowns, only some unknowns, Macklin fears, and Summers suspects, to go on-- Macklin salvages her real identity from a small volume of poetry which takes him back to her destitute beginnings in Pittsburgh- where she was raped by an alcoholic father at 11. From a librarian, to a punk in jail, to a priest in El Paso, this follows the trail of a girl who hustled at fourteen, went to finishing school in a New York city call house, managed to shake down a rich South American and get a stake which she turned into real money so that she could try and kill the past- only to find that she could not escape herself.... A tracer with vicarious points of interest is a kind of combination sob-suspense story and the handling is tough to tremulous.

Publisher: Doubleday