THE PRUDENTIAL by Earl Chapin May


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The history of the ""peculiar little company"" from its inception to the present day this chronicles, in friendly manner, the rise of the Prudential Insurance Company of America. First a two-man project, John F. Dryden sold his idea of security for the poor to young Dr. Lealle Ward in Newark, New Jersey, in 1874, once this inexpensive insurance caught on it proved to be sound business and grew and grew, so that this account covers the importance of the actuarial tables, the punctiliousness of settling claims and compensations, the additional benefits that developed, and through the years the achievement as a giant of business. The type of salesmanship is stressed, as are the heads of the organization down to Carrol Shanks, its present incumbent, and the milestones of its progress through wars and depressions, disease and disasters. American enterprise given full treatment.

Pub Date: Oct. 9th, 1950
Publisher: Doubleday