GRASS ROOTS by Earl Schenck Miers


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A novel of special appeal for politically minded masculine readers, dealing with a political system that worked too well, but the corruption of which was recognised by the heir-apparent of its political dynasty. Hudson City is ruled by the Moriarity clan, Michael, his family and friends. His grandson Peter is exposed to every phase, and assumes it his rightful inheritance. He sees the graft and corruption, knows his uncle is a doublecrosser, his father Michael's benchman, realises the muling of the press. Then with his grandfather's death combs disunion, and Peter comes back from Princeton, awake to the need of honesty, and in love with a girl who helps straighten his thinking. He acts very much on his own, he takes no favors, and he menaces his father's dictatorship. Minute delineation of the samy side of city politics.

Publisher: Westminster