YANKEE DOODLE DANDY by Earl Schenck Miers


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Junior High School students who are finding early American history a trifle tough sledding will find their sights raised by this unusual battle chronology by a writer better known for his Civil War writing than the American Revolution. He has chosen to chronicle the war in terms of engagements, and at first this seems scrappy and unsatisfactory. There seems too little of the social unrest, the economic stringencies, the political manoeuverings, the conflicts of interest; there seems too much of defeat and disaster and discouragement. But after the first section, the author catches the sweep of events, the indomitability of the ragged army and the harassed leaders, the defeats that turned into victories. The pieces fit into place and the various campaigns- from Canada down to Georgia, from New England to the Mississippi-take their places in a brisk approach that makes it all seem fresh and new. Illustrations in black and white, chapter decorations by Anthony D'Adamo, and maps for every chapter will no doubt add value to the text. Check the success of Miers' Billy Yank and Johnny Reb (1959) for the potential market for this.

Pub Date: Oct. 16th, 1963
Publisher: Rand McNally