BALL OF FIRE by Earl Schenck Miers


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Turkey Saunders, Sleepy, Lover and the rest of the boys (see Monkey Shines- 1952) on Buzz Kyler's Northfield baseball team, are now Pony League rather than Little League age, and this time the story centers around Turkey. Though he is pitcher for his team and must struggle to keep up his technique, Turkey's problems are not cut out by the diamond alone. He champions a new friend Ben Phyfe who is kind of an outcast around town and suspect arsonist. There is too, the arrival of Bettina, an elephant, who proves to be a handful of excitement as well as entertainment. Baseball, mystery and shenanigans, sprinkled with a liberal throwing of light on the teen age mind make this worth the time.

Pub Date: Sept. 24th, 1956
Publisher: World