POCANTICO: Fifty Years on the Rockfeller Domain by

POCANTICO: Fifty Years on the Rockfeller Domain

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ohabod Crane was not destined to be the only horseman extant in Westchester ounty: he has since been supplanted by five generations of Rockefellers and an assortod sprinkling of Stillmans and McCormicks. According to these remembrances of a Rockefeller employee, John D.'s personal playground was used for various pursuit--hunting, gaming, marrying, divercing and other diversions known to a certain breed of men--the very rich. As the author progressed from teenage poacher to groundskeeper to watchman patrolling the lands, the Rockefellers grew. John D. was no longer there to hand out imes, but neighbor Fifi Stillman McCormick managed to sustain her own kind of rule by idiosyncracy. In general, it's a rather tiresome scene. Although Mr. Pyle himself likes the family and goes about showing how human they are despite all that moola, he ends up by nearly confirming the opposite. Bland stuff, with scarcely enough gossip interest to make it a feasible magazine serial...and not very good for the Image.

Publisher: uell, Sloan & Pearce