WINNING! by Earl Weaver


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In his warm-up prologue the glib, colorful skipper of the Baltimore Orioles says he's going to talk about ""revenge, pride, enthusiasm,"" and the only thing that really matters in professional baseball -- winning. It figures. Weaver's an authority on the subject, the Orioles having won the American league flag for the past three years. After recounting his lengthy career as a minor league manager, Weaver takes you into the Orioles' dugout and reveals how he makes out his lineup card with the aid of complicated player performance stat sheets, how he sets the pitching rotation, decides when to call for a bunt or hit and run, how the team works the pickoff play, etc. Grandstand managers will find it the greatest thing since the hot dog. And there's a fair share of scuttlebutt too: ""the Orioles today smoke between innings, myself included"" (nasty habit but a good outlet during tight games); his thoughts on umpire Shag Crawford's calls during the 1969 World Series with the Mets (don't be surprised if he catches hell from Bowie Kuhn for this, which goes beyond the bounds of the pop-off privilege); the recent Frank Robinson trade (the O's think they have a new Robinson in young Don Baylor). Weaver might look and sometimes act like a clown, but as managers go (and they usually do) he talks like an All-Star. For everyone who's tuning his vocal cords and dusting off the old mitt -- and especially for Gil Hodges.

Pub Date: May 1st, 1972
Publisher: Morrow