ASIA AFLAME by Ebed Van Der Vlugt


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A Hollander, whose editorial and professional assignments have taken him to all parts of Asia and the SW Pacific, presents a somewhat fresh and challenging slant on the overwhelming surge of Communism in Asia. Against a soundly presented survey of historical, political and economic backgrounds of countries that Michener, Payne, Douglas, Dewey and others have given us from British and American angles, Dr. Van Der Vlugt reveals his opinion of the channels through which Communism has established a strangle-hold. He sees it as an ideological movement which must be combatted on all levels,- economic, philosophical, political, social, military. He recognizes the necessity of accepting Asia's plea for self- determination, but points out that a substitute must be offered for the totalitarianism which is all most of them know. He weighs the value of each of the areas-China, Indochina, Indonesia, India, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Japan and Korea- and sharply blames American foreign policy for the setbacks. Supported by Gen. Wedemeyer in his Introduction, he states that Gen. MacArthur's position was the right one- and ignored by the State Department and the General Staff. He presents his blueprint, in the hope that it is not too late.

Pub Date: Jan. 12th, 1952
Publisher: Devin-Adair