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THANKS, MOM by Ed Emberley


by Ed Emberley & illustrated by Ed Emberley

Pub Date: April 1st, 2003
ISBN: 0-316-24022-2
Publisher: Little, Brown

This fun romp is first and foremost a visual lollapalooza involving a group of circus animals decked out in nuclear-strength color costumes on great fields of white, which provide even further amperage. Kiko, a mouse, happens upon a tasty-looking piece of cheese. “Run, Kiko, run!” (All resemblance to Dick, Jane, and Sally ends right there.) As he makes off with the cheese, Kiko runs into a cat, Gato, who starts the chase. Soon enough, Fido is chasing Gato, then “Oh, Fido, see Otto?” Otto happens to be a tiger, who thinks Fido looks as good as the cheese does to Kiko. Enter Mumbo, a great elephant, who stomps after Otto, the creatures now a string of hard-pumping arms and legs: “See Mumbo run? Run, Otto, run! Run, Fido, run! Run, Gato, run! Run, Kiko, run!” But Mumbo wasn’t counting on Koko, Kiko’s mom, and we all know how elephants feel about mice getting too close. Kiko makes it to the mouse hole: “Thanks, Mom.” Brilliant color use, elements of pure geometry, a simple text built for speed and engagement, and a classic turning of the tables gives readers both an eyeful and a first taste of allegory. (Picture book. 2-5)