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This is an ingenious aid planned to help your child to read better. Through games and word cards and books which combine words and pictures the child who has normal adaptability to reading techniques used at beginning level will find increased confidence and increased vocabulary painlessly acquired. Note:-the child whose reading block calls for phonetics will find no help here, if the block is a real one. There are four books in the kit:- Helping Your Child to Read Better, which is a guide for parents and teachers; Words- which uses 330 familiar words in association with recognizable pictures (the pictures could have been immensely better); A Picture Reading Book, which is an activity book using stamps to fit matching words; Stories and Games, a reading activity book, reminiscent of the sort of material that used to appear in Child Life. In addition there are four games: On the Superhighway, a sort of word parchesi; Word Baseball- with word cards as players; Word Bingo with word cards instead of numbers; Pinwheel- a vocabulary building game. Picture word cards and sight word cards can be used with parent and child, but smack a bit more of the classroom. This has a subsidiary value in use for rainy day activity, convalescence, travel.

Publisher: Simon & Schuster